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In the clean room and clean workshop daily maintenance, high efficiency air filter installation and maintenance is also an important work. Efficient filter maintenance and high efficiency air filter installed to replace what is standard? In a few more at ordinary times the ordinary air filter, especially the high efficiency air filter in the process of packaging, transportation, installation and use, shall be carried out in accordance with the high efficiency filter manufacturers standards, to ensure the use of high efficiency air filter effect. 
High efficiency air filter 
A) high efficiency air filter before installation, must to comprehensive cleaning, wipe clean room, to purify the air conditioning system internal dust, if any, shall be clean, wipe again, meet the requirements of clean. As in the technical sandwich or high efficiency air filter installed in the ceiling, the technology layer or the ceiling should also conduct a comprehensive cleaning, wipe. 
2) when installing high efficiency air filter, the casing outside the arrow should be on the air flow in the same direction; When the vertical installation, filter paper crease direction should be perpendicular to the ground. 
3) high efficiency air filter of transportation and storage should be in accordance with the manufacturer logo direction on hold. In the process of transportation, to should take put down gently, prevent violent vibration and impact, can not force loading and unloading. 
4) for high efficiency air filters, the installation direction must be correct: combination with corrugated plate filter installed in the vertical direction, corrugated plate must be perpendicular to the ground; Filter in the connection between the vertical and frame, it is strictly prohibited, plastic deformation, breakage and leakage, leakage after installation must ensure that the wall clean, no dust, grease, rust and debris, etc. 
High efficiency air filter installation drawing 
5) for high efficiency air filter, when filter resistance value is greater than 455 pa; Or when the wind surface air velocity to the minimum, even replace crude effect, effectively filter, airflow speed still cannot be enlarged; Or when there is unable to repair the leakage of high efficiency filter surface, shall be replaced a new high efficiency air filter; Like without these conditions, can be used according to the environmental conditions, replaced every year. 
6) all kinds of high efficiency air filter before installation, do not allow the hand tear or open the packaging or packaging film; Should be in strict accordance with the high efficiency filter boxes on the direction of the standard for air filter; In the process of high efficiency air filter handling, should take put down, light, avoid violent vibration and impact. 
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